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Topfreegameservers List Reset

July 2012

Hello, today ( 28.07.2012 ) the Toplist were reset to Zero for all Members. There are still the Total Votes and Total Traffic Numbers present, those represent received Votes and sent Traffic to your Site since the Toplist Creation. The Toplist is sorted by actual Votes received, those Votes were reset and also the actual Traffic sent Numbers since the last Reset.
Site with Hacking content

June 2011

Seems we have been getting a few websites about hacking signups the last months. Topfreegameservers don't allow websites that is about hacking to be on the website. We allow content such as cheats , cheat codes etc. But when it comes to hacking the client we are strongly against it. We condone a healthy and cheat free gaming environment. If you find gamesites that is about hacking please contact topfreegameservers with the contact form, thanks for your time.

eXTReMe Tracking Added

May 2011

Today we added the extremetracking code to our website. Many toplists uses this to show the visistors how much traffic the site have and what kind. As we also get alot of advertisment requests it is only fair that we share the traffic source as well.

Reallinks Vs No-followlinks and you!

March 2011

Ok so here is a brief update on how we will handle out links to your gamesite.
Before a link to your site was out.php?id="yourid" AND no-follow, as we all know these links give you nothing and basically sends the message that I dont trust your site in the eyes of seo.
This is ofcourse to protect this site from spam signups, but doing it this way gives one big drawback - it hurts you as a real gamesite as you get no cred.
So here is how we have solved it. First all links are now REAL links, NOT to a out.php file like it was before.
And to still protect the site against unwanted spammers we have given all links with a low high-score nofollow.
And if you prove that you are a real gamesite with getting a higher highscore the site will automaticly remove the nofollow tag and give you full PR from the link.
We hope you like this change in handling outlinks.

Major Update

March 2011

Hello everyone, today is a big day for If you have been here before the first thing you notice is the major update to the design of the site and navigation.
But its not only the design that has been remade. There is also a lot of behind the scenes programming going on. First of we programmed the site to run faster when you load it and changed server hosting to a more stable and expensive server, as we reached 600.000 pageviews a month.
The Anti-cheat gate way has also been updated with something we like to call VoteGuard that will be in place to try and ensure that there is no fake votes.
Ofc it is almost impossible to keep people from cheating if they do there best so remember if you see anyone on the site that you think is cheating please send a support ticket to us and we handle it.

- Admin
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