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Shaiya Nemesis
Shaiya Nemesis Shaiya Nemesis is now considered the best private server around! made by two experienced players. With customized item mall,drops, sounds and so mu...
Gamesite Highscore 7
Outgoing Traffic: 69 Total Highscore: 24 Total Outgoing Traffic: 429
Shayia AssAssin
Shayia AssAssin Jump into the Land of Shaiya where you must battle against players and mystical monsters, and join heroic guilds for the favor of your Goddess
Gamesite Highscore 0
Outgoing Traffic: 3 Total Highscore: 1 Total Outgoing Traffic: 44
shaiya private server
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Gamesite Highscore 0
Outgoing Traffic: 0 Total Highscore: 0 Total Outgoing Traffic: 10
Shaiya Light of Darkness
Shaiya Light of Darkness Deutscher P Server - 200x EP - Level 126 - EP6 Skills - EP6 Interface - Free Ap Farming
Gamesite Highscore 0
Outgoing Traffic: 6 Total Highscore: 4 Total Outgoing Traffic: 18

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