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Perfect World International Sky

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About PW Sky Overview of the PW SKY: PW SKY beginning at the start of PW hrace009. Starting from a home server, now we have been at Dedicate server, with spec as follows: Processor: Intel Xeon 8 Core, Memory: 32GB, Hdd: 2.5 Terabyte, Local Bandwidth: Play Full 100Gb International Bandwidth: 1Gb (Only temporarily, if a lot of international players, will likely be added) How to Get EQ Gods: We do not know the term SVIP / VIP. SKY Gods equipment can be purchased from GM, if you want to have a god character instantly (Fast) SKY Gods equipment can be obtained from hunting, if you want to have the character of the god of hunting while enjoying the atmosphere. SKY Gods equipment can be in crafting the HH material, Nirvana, Lunar, and WB. World Boss: WB spawn every 1 hour once, scattered around approximately 50 WB at world map, which will drop right to make equipment Gods SKY. Differences Equipment SKY god who purchased from GM by god Equipment SKY obtained from hunting are: For Weapons: 200 ATK differ only between god Equipment purchased from SKY that GM and Equipment SKY obtained from hunting. For Armor: Defense and Options there is no difference, but rather it is only the difference between tools Atk Rank Gods of GM and Equipment SKY SKY god of hunting. NEED TO REMEMBER: WE WILL NOT PROVIDE OR EQUIPMENT ASPD 5 CT-100, since we consider IS TOO EXCESSIVE All these info from us. Wasalam, GM Sky

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