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EzraMu Online Season 6 Low Server

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EzraMu Online Season 6 Low Server

Gamesite Statistics
Join Date: 08.23.11
Highscore: 0
Outgoing Visitors: 8
Total Highscore: 508
Total Outgoing Visitors: 99


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WebShop, Market System, Military RANK, REPUTATIOn ZONE, 18 EVENT ONLINE, New Set with SOCKET and RESISTANCE.Experience:30x Item drop: 40% Monster HP: 100% Points per level: 5/6/7(Mg) Maximum Points: 32000 Reset: From the site Reset cost: 50.000.000 level: 400 Level for reset: 400 Points per Reset: Keep stats Maximum resets: 999, trade hours in credits, vote for credits.

( you may vote only once every 30 Minutes )

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