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Zombie Awards

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Zombie Awards

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In ZA you play as a movie actor in the Zombie-Film Industry. An actor may create characters, based on widely known horror stereotyped roles, then star in as many zombie movies as he wants as an hero (survivor) or a villain (walk-on actor playing a zombie). Such movies represent a multiplayer game-in-the-game that is set in small city during a global zombie apocalypse, when neither social structures nor forms of local self-organization exist. Each player moves his own characters in a short film (3 real days) or a feature-length film (6 days) with no script: playing the game represents creating the story. Characters (and then actors) gain experience and fame shooting films (surviving to them) and ZombieAwards are periodically appointed to best actors (best male/female leading/supporting role, best villain role...). While characters are likely to die during a movie, actors gain experience in acting out specific roles such that new characters will have more chances of surviving movies. The actors main goal is to gain fame and fortune.

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