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Mystic Mines [Final Fantasy XI & Minecraft]

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Mystic Mines [Final Fantasy XI & Minecraft]

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We are a community who play Final Fantasy XI & Minecraft! Our mission is to have as much fun as possible and see to it that everyone who joins us does also! -Final Fantasy XI- (New and ready to take on new players!) EXP: x5 Run Speed: x5 Death EXP loss: x5 Gil: x1 -Minecraft- (Been around since late 2010) Multiverse Faction & Heroes server Economy Enabled Gold Nuggets = 1 gold coin Quick Shops enabled Ask Admin or Mod to pex you to the adventurer group so you can choose a class! Default Citizen is not strong enough to survive the first trail in Welcome Castle. Class must be selected after rules are read. In-game server Dungeons! Dungeon Builders are the only pex group besides admin/mod that will have creative gamemode. Dungeon Builders will be confined to a region for their build and creative control will stop them from using eggs, opening chests or using weapons. Merchants are a separate pex group from adventurers. So are leaders. Ask admin or mod to set your pex group to leader if there is a position available or your character is strong enough. Only leaders can create factions!

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