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Governor of Poker

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Governor of Poker

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Governor of Poker is the award-winning wild western poker game developed by Youda Games. On the first screen you may choose a male or female character and start the game in the characters hometown, San Saba. You start the game with a limited amount of money so you should win your first poker parties or youll never have the chance to leave the town. Beat the best poker players and win their money so that you can buy all the estates in the town, and raise your fame-meter. When you reach the top you can be the mayor of the town. Do the same in various locations in Texas state and you shall be the Governor of Poker. If you happen to loose money your income from your properties can cover your expenses but be at least no. 3 in each tournament and do not loose cash games if possible. And dont forget, your mission is to spread this wonderful game beyond the borders of Texas!

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