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Noob 224th SWAT Noobs Welcomed and Encouraged

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Noob 224th SWAT Noobs Welcomed and Encouraged

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We are about fair play and equal rights to all players, especially new players, meaning we dont think a level 30-50 should be on a server for new players to the game making it hard to level and get equipment while they get easy kills and points. We called ourselves 224th SWAT because we are players who play as a team and adapt to the environment of each map. If you are looking for some fun, would like to level and get your kits and would like an easy introduction into the Battlefield Bad Company 2 game, 224th SWAT is the place to be. Our Server is up and running on NON hardcore mode. It is an 18 slot server, so come on in and have fun. We currently have the server set to allow new players a chance to level up and get their packages without the worry of a level 30-50 coming in and ruining the fun. We encourage new players to come and level and have a good time. All we ask is obey our server rules and respect our server and other players, make some new friends and maybe even meet some old ones.

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